Mums On The Move

Mums On The Move (MOTM) was started in 2013 after my son was born. I found myself looking for answers with his growing up process in the web and was overwhelmed by the answers I found. Some were very scary. Internet is so full of Information and we have to be very careful about how we read and understand it. I had to research a lot to get the proper and the best out of everything there. So I thought of making it easier for all the mothers and fathers to get answers through my experience. Ever since MOTM has been live and happening.

Down the line I opened a Facebook page as well so that it will be a safe place for anyone to contact other parents. I admit that it is not popular like other mums groups but it has a steady audience.

It’s a drama free space for anyone who wants help with their day to day hassle with children. Fell free to drop by and see what you can learn.

Welcome to Mums On The Move!!!