Thanksgiving Mondays -3

Oh well, I totally forgot that I need to write my blog. It has been a tough week for me physically. I decided I need to do a little bit extra on my exercise routine and it has being very hard. But I am loving it.

Thanking someone should come from your heart. It is just not some words that you can say whenever you feel like it. It has to have a meaning. So today my thanks goes to a total stranger.


Last Sunday I was rushing to the Supermarket through a parking lot in the morning. I was in a hurry to get back home and have a nice meal with my family and relax a bit and also I was in so much pain after my gym session. But… There was this elderly man who works as a security in that parking lot. he just smiled and said good morning! Nothing else. It made me smile and all that sullen mood I was in was vanished.

Be nice to people around you. Just smile because it can changed a life within a second.

So I am thankful to that stranger who changed my Sunday into a good one!!! ❤ ❤

Love to all!!!


Thanksgiving Mondays -2

“The love of a FAMILY is life’s greatest blessing”!

Hope your week was good. It was pretty busy for me as I have to finish two assignments and it has been a long time since I worked for a deadline or to say on an assignment itself. It’s a challenge that I embraced very happily.

Over the week there were a few occasions that I got to think about my family. I have my Mother-in-law whom I think of a my mother and then there is My mother, father and my two sisters. Before I got married the four of them were there for me no matter what. The advice and the support that my parents gave me has made me a stronger woman to face many challenges in life.

Thank You Note

After getting married I met my Mother-in-law who changed my vision of life. She is an inspiration for me and has been my friend to lean on whenever I need. She has done a great deal of things for me, my husband and our son and still keeps on doing so even though she is far away from here.

My two sisters, the worst I can ask for but yeah I am blessed to have them. Even though that they will not realize now itself  how much I love them when they start their own families they will.

Today thanks goes to these 5 people in my life. If my husband is my foundation these 5 are the pillars.They keeps me strong. I hope that they are proud of who I have become. I am of them.




Thanksgiving Mondays -1

Mondays are supposed to be hectic because it’s the start of a busy week and you practically have to drag yourself from your bed/home to get to school or work. Hence  having all these Monday blues I thought I should make it a little interesting on  my end and also thought of sharing this with everyone because I know once you read something it makes you think. So here it is.

This idea came to me because of a series of thoughts a friend of mine posted on her blog.That made me think “why not do the same”. So here is to Seniinthebox for being an inspiration.

There are a few people in my life who helped me become who I am today. But If not for this person who I am thankful for today, i will definitely not be who I am now.Back in 2008,right after my A/Ls I was just a person who wanted to prove to my parents that I can do something worthwhile eventhough i didnt have any particular goals or aims.And then I met HIM

 He was extraordinary and full of goals. He made me think of my life and what I wanted to do with it. I started having dreams about a perfect family and a future with him by my side.


It’s been 6 years and he still keeps me going. He hasn’t given up on his dreams which he has made around me and our son. I wanted to go out there and help people and he let me do so.  I wanted to be someone who people will turn to when they have problems.

He is no one else other than my HUSBAND. Thank you for being there for me and being my best friend and for having my back. I will definitely not be so strong and full of life if it was not for you. I am thankful to my husband today and tomorrow and forever.