Thinking of Joining a gym?

Well, when I came to Sydney 6 months ago, among many thoughts were to find a good gym. There were a lot but the closest and the most convinient place was Plus Fitnes – Blacktown. They have a 24/7 gym with no lock-in contract and most importantly they have branches almost anywhere. So wherever you are you can use the gym in the area.

When I entered the gym, it was buzzing with activity. I needed to talk with a trainer as I was looking for a specific set of exercises. That’s when I met Alex Lee. Alex is 3 – 4 certified in Performance Boxing, Battling Ropes, Powerbag. He is also MMA trained and Level 3 Kettlebell trained. He has been with Plus Fitness for 2.5 year now. We had a good conversation about my fitness level and he was able to give me a good guidence to start on my daily routine.

While I was there, I noticed that they have “Female only fitness camp” on every Saturday. I thought I should try that and It was amazing. Alex was very nice but keep on pushing us to do the best. I know there are fitness camps where the trainer is soo focused on getting results they dont even think of the trainee. But Alex is very friendly and when he thinks that we need to rest he gives plenty of time.

When I asked Alex, why thought of having a fitness camp for females this is what he said. “ Blacktown plus is very male dominated and my boss wanted a way to keep our female members active. We decided to do a free class for our female members. New members ask about classes and we wanted to give them that option as well.So far the response has been great and the class environment has been very relaxed and supportive​.”

” If I have to give anyone any tips, Have a goal and a plan to achieve that. If you fail don’t be afraid try again and keep going and you will eventually succed” was his exact words when I ask what can he say to the members.

This has been a great opportunity for me to meet new friends and also to learn how they keep on going while doing all the other things in their lives. Being there with like minded individuals and trying out new challenges with Alex every Saturday Morning is something I look forward to now.

Come join us ladies!!!


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