Thanksgiving Mondays -2

“The love of a FAMILY is life’s greatest blessing”!

Hope your week was good. It was pretty busy for me as I have to finish two assignments and it has been a long time since I worked for a deadline or to say on an assignment itself. It’s a challenge that I embraced very happily.

Over the week there were a few occasions that I got to think about my family. I have my Mother-in-law whom I think of a my mother and then there is My mother, father and my two sisters. Before I got married the four of them were there for me no matter what. The advice and the support that my parents gave me has made me a stronger woman to face many challenges in life.

Thank You Note

After getting married I met my Mother-in-law who changed my vision of life. She is an inspiration for me and has been my friend to lean on whenever I need. She has done a great deal of things for me, my husband and our son and still keeps on doing so even though she is far away from here.

My two sisters, the worst I can ask for but yeah I am blessed to have them. Even though that they will not realize now itself  how much I love them when they start their own families they will.

Today thanks goes to these 5 people in my life. If my husband is my foundation these 5 are the pillars.They keeps me strong. I hope that they are proud of who I have become. I am of them.





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