Traveling and Moving with Kids!

Hola Mommies!

It’s been a while, isn’t it? I have moved to Sydney, Australia with my family now and the transition period was bit tough as we have a naughty person on board with us. The good part is he was super supportive all the time and was less fussy during the flight. (Phew)

So I thought of telling you what I did to make him and our travelling and transition pleasant for the three of us. This may not be a big article but you’ll get the basic idea of what and what not to do while traveling and moving with kids.

Hokay so first of all, pick your travelling method. Since we had to come to Australia we had no other option (obviously) but to go with an airline. Choosing an airline is also bit tricky. There are so many with discounts and all but try to choose something that is reasonable yet comfortable for you and the kids. The time of the flight depends on the day that you book it and in our case we left Sri Lanka around 11.30 in the morning and from Singapore we had a night flight so the baby was sleeping most of the time.

If you are traveling in your own vehicle make sure you check all the tires and fill the fuel tank and keep. I don’t have much experience in traveling in our own vehicle but my dad make sure there is an extra bottle of fuel in the vehicle in case of emergency . If you have a booster seat that will be ideal ( In Australia you cant travel without a booster seat).


Alright now you have to tell your little bundle all about your trip. Get them excited about the traveling. Let them pick their own cloths and get them to help you with packing.  Take plenty of diapers if you have a infant or a toddler who is using diapers. A water bottle or two and some snacks also will be ideal if you are going on a long distance trip. If you are taking a flight MAKE SURE you buy some ear plugs for you and your children. It helps a lot.there were a few children crying when taking off and landing because they didn’t have ear plugs.It really hurts.(Believe me it hurts a lot) .

During the travel time you have to keep yourself and the children happy. Once you get in to a mood or a bad situation your whole trip will be a disaster. If you are traveling in an aircraft they will provide the children with some interesting activity books and also there is plenty of movies to watch. (Oh phew) If you are traveling in a car or a van, you should try sing along games or guessing games or something like that which the whole family can join.

This part will be important for the mummies and daddies who are planning to migrate. Make sure you take your children most precious toys and books with you in the check in luggage.Or maybe you give them a small backpack and tell them to take their IMPORTANT things in that. Why I highlighted the word “important” is, when you say it like that it gives them responsibility. ( I packed my sons hot wheels toys in his backpack and told him to take it with him, he didn’t want the immigration officers to open it even saying that it’s his important stuff)

So these are the basic things you need to consider before traveling with kids. If you have any questions to ask don’t hesitate. Comment below or drop a test on the Facebook page and i’ll b glad to help you out.

Happy traveling ladies!!!



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