Things for you to do around Colombo!

Hola mummies/ladies!

Hope all the festival vibe has gone by now and you all are on the lookout for a few adventures. Being part of a few groups I thought i would enlighten you with what you can do around Colombo.

Book Swap Colombo 

This is where all the book lovers meet up to exchange the books or maybe sniff the books because you know each book has a unique smell. We ( I can say “We” because i have been a part of this for sometime now) just want whoever is happy with letting go of their books, to be happy with getting more books in a similar way to be there and share your time.

What happens here is we meet once a month ( Create an event on the Book Swap Colombo Facebook page)and we exchange books.Just think that you have a book that u read but you really don’t want it to be with you, you can bring it along to the book swap and let someone else read it. In exchange you can find something that you like from there and take it with you. ( Believe me there is a biiiiggg box of books, so you will not get disappointed)Even if you don’t have a book to exchange you can come and take a book. 🙂


People who come there love books.There are all kind of writers, poets, singers, lawyers, doctors, Engineers and what not. We don’t judge people even if you are covered with tattoos or body paint or anything. Only thing is you should love the books and you will fit in the crowd.

Apart from the book swapping, most of us hang out there with weird talks and coffee. ( Not very very weird) Most of the peeps know each other because they have been coming there for a long time.

There are a few plans in progress and very recently we did a wonderful job by collecting more than 250 books fro a donation to a library in Galle. This happened within a week and we are so grateful for all the donations. Not every person can have a heart to donate books.

Facebook link :

Letter Earthlings

Even though we live in this all electronic century there is a sentimental value of writing letters. I love to read letters or write in that case. You may think this is old fashion but you will be surprised to see so many young people gathering to spread love in an old fashion way through Letter Earthlings.

The founder of LE is Nivendra Uduman! This is what the Facebook description about us. ( Safe to call “Us” because I have been a part of this as well)

“We are a group of people who love writing letters, receiving letters, and most importantly spreading happiness and love through the power of letter writing. It is a safe and positive way of empathizing with another human-being and also showing support and care. We are always happy to spread the joy of reading and writing letters to others we know and we do not know. So, come be a part of a love revolution with us, just by writing letters.

You can request letters for those who you care about, for yourself or for a stranger. It may be for someone who is going through a rough patch or just to empower and encourage someone further. This could be done on our page by just clicking on the ‘contact us’ button. These requests will be made available at our letter writing gatherings so that people can write letters for those you’ve requested letter for.

We accept requests from anywhere in the world. No boundaries, no international borders. But, universal love.”

There are a lot of colorful stationary and all sort of things to make your letter interesting. Each month we get about 10-15 letter requests if I am correct. What all you have to do is, Sit – relax and keep on writing.

Facebook page :

There are a few more events that happen each month. But I haven’t had the opportunity to attend those and have a look. Colombo is an interesting place if you can find the best thing that suits you to do. If you need any details on the above events, drop a message on their Facebook page/group and they will love to get you on-board!


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