Nursery hunting? Here are some useful tips…

Hola mommies! It is the beginning of 2016 and you might be considering to put your little one to a nursery next year. The process of finding a good place is like finding a needle in a hay sack. You will have to visit at least 4 nurseries before  considering one perfect place for your child.


I started nursery hunting a few months ago. Here is my experience and some tips to help you go through the process. I will not mention any names or people as I am not sponsoring  any of them.

First of all I listed out all the requirements that I look for in a nursery. My list was a bit big but managed to narrow it down to a few very useful points.

  • Close to home/Easy to travel.
  • English Medium ( in my case this is)
  • Small group of children
  • Easy learning methods
  • Pleasant teachers
  • Extra activities/out door activities
  • Steady time table
  • A well watched play area
  • Reasonable fee/registration

Then I googled for nurseries close by to my house and you’ll be surprised with the results. I found more than 20 places close by. I got a list and first of all called them to get an appointment. Some places wasn’t very good at talking on the phone, so I crossed their names. After all my son will be learning from them and I definitely don’t want rude people teaching him.

I visited four nurseries in the end. One place was recently opened but the teaching methods and teachers were not up to my standards. So many people can diplomas in early childhood education and start up a nursery as soon as they finish their studies. They don’t have experience handling children or teaching them. Theory knowledge is not enough, you need to be practical with children.

After getting disappointed 3 times, i went to a place in Havelock town. A well known nursery.good environment, pleasant teachers and everything seems to be fine.

It is important that you find a place close to your house or work place. When there is a n emergency you should be able to reach them soon. Traveling these days is a hectic job even for an adult so don’t put your children in the same situation.

You should be able to talk with the teachers whenever you want to without being a nuisance.When there is a large number of children in a class it is always a mess.Minimum number should be 15-20 which will have small groups within.

When you visit the nursery they to stay there when the children get to play. Then you can see how teachers/assistants protect your children from injuries or miss behaving.

Think about your pocket as well. We all want our children to have the best, but doing extreme is not the way. Nursery is the starting point of their lives. Down the line if you decide that the fee is too much and put them into a different place they will fall back and you definitely will destroy their confidence.

I hope I helped you in someway!

Happy Hunting mummies!



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