A little help for the feeding battle (Part 2)

First of all thank you all for the lovely comments you gave me last time. It took so long for me to write again. I’ve been super duper busy with my full of energy son and completely forgot about writing. So here it is..

We discussed how to get started on solids. It is an never ending battle. ( Tell me about it). All of you must be desperately wondering what to feed and what not to feed. I googled all most a month to get everything sorted out. Internet is full of information, but there are things that you have to avoid doing as well.


When I first ask my pediatrician, what he told me was to put ( rice, carrot, potatoes, beans, cabbage) everything together and cook and make a puree. Well,it was awful. No taste at all. I couldn’t imagine my son eating something like that for another 4-5 months. So I became the super mum and found new recipes and methods to feed the little man.

Here are a few of them.

  • Carrot puree
    • Half of a carrot cleaned and washed and water.
    • Unsalted Butter

Cook the carrots until tender. ( Cut the carrots in to little square pieces then it will cook soon) Put the cooked carrots in the grinder or a baby food processor and blend until you get the right texture.

The puree can be a little sweet and sometimes it’s tasteless. i added a little bit of unsalted butter and made it edible.


  • Broccoli and Pumpkin puree
    • Half a broccoli
    • Small pieces of Pumpkin

Cook them until tender and put them together and make a puree. Add a little bit of unsalted butter if you like.

There are some fruits and vegetable that you need to cook to make them in to a puree. here is the list and some more tips.

Fruits: Apples, Apricots,dates,peaches,pears,plums

Veges: Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli,peas, potatoes, parsnip, sweet potato, pumpkin

  1. Wash and peel. Chop if necessary.
  2. Place in a small saucepan.
  3. Pour water enough to cover, bring to boil.
  4. Grind the veges or fruits and make the puree.

Purees can be frozen for use at a later date. But you must put it in a closed containers and always must taste before you give it to the baby. Some times he color might change but the taste will not change at all. If you think the puree is tasting a bit funny throw it away. Don’t judje the second thought when it comes to your baby’s food.

Here is a list of purees that you can try out

  • Broccoli and avocado puree
  • Carrot, potato and broccoli puree
  • Pear and date puree
  • Banana and strawberry puree


( These recipes might be in the internet because i also googled and found them)

That was for the age of 4-6 months. Here is what you can give from 6 months to 8 months.

Since the baby is used to eating puree and other food items ( I am guessing that you are giving cereal, yogurt in between the main meal), you can introduce soup items as well. When the baby is 6 months you can introduce meat items as well.

You can make a nice vegetable soup enriched with few sprats and some good pieces of chicken. Blend the soup until there are no vegetable pieces left and feed it to the baby.

Here is a list of What I gave. ( Or at least tried to give :D)

  • Vanilla custard
  • Cream of pumpkin and potato soup
  • Mango and apple smash
  • Chicken and vegetable soup
  • Vegetable puree

Make sure you don’t over cook the fruits and vegetables. It’s all about the nutrition. Main while keep communicating with the baby. It helps them to understand you and the world through you.

Happy feeding mummies!


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