A little help for the feeding battle

I must say that it is a very important step if you are a first time mum. There are so many beliefs and methods which comes from very old days and some people are reluctant to disobey them however much your doctor advice you.So here is what i did and how I learned to feed my son without a fuss.


If you are a first time mum you must be thinking when to start feeding your baby.Well, there are some rules in this situation. If  you are a working mum, the pediatrician will advice you to start solids when the baby is 4 months old. If you are a stay at home mum you have to breast feed the baby the first 6 months. It is a very tricky business to introduce solids after 6 months .So what I did was, I introduced Kanji (red rice) when my son was 5 months old. But the the process of preparing the food must be very clean and have to do it with extra care.

There are  so many baby products which will tempt you and i know this because i did buy so many products when i first start solids. There were feeding bottles, spoon, plates, food processors, breast pumps and so many. But what you really need is;

    1. A small spoon ( A silicon spoon will do for the first time)
    2. A food processor or a grinder
    3. A nice bowl
    4. A baby chair or a bed with lots of pillows


What you must understand is the baby is only 4/5 or 6 months old and doesn’t need to eat a lot. you don’t have to finish the food that you prepare and you can’t put it in the fridge and use later. Baby food always must be freshly made. When the baby is small their tummy is a size of and egg. So imagine we trying to feed a bowl full of cereal and we blame them for being fussy.

Before making anything, Go wash your hands. yes! again and again. Boil some water before hand and let it cool. Sterilize the baby products that you are going to use is a must. I think anyone can learn that pretty fast. If you are making red rice Kanji make sure that you wash the rice thoroughly. Just a spoon full of rice is enough for the first time and you can increase the amount later. Boil the rice and put the fire off when there is little bit of water. Let it cool and drain the watery content in to the bowl or the mug that you sterilized. Now lets get your son/ daughter ready to have the first meal.

If you have a pram, put the baby in the pram and make sure he/she is comfortable in there. A high chair is more suitable for babies above 8 months old. Talk to them while you are doing this. They love it when you talk. If you don’t have a pram no need to run to the shop to buy one just a bed full of pillows will do. Put a protective sheet ( rubber sheet) and place the baby. The sleeping position is not a very good idea to feed a baby. i have seen mums doing this and it may cause danger when you are introducing more complex food. The upper part of the body must be a little high so keep some pillows to support the back and keep some more around him/her so that they will not fall of the bed.

You must bring all the things close to you at once. you cant leave the baby and go here and there  looking for things. this i learned from my mum. She always scolds me and i learned the hard way when my son fell from the bed when i was in the kitchen. ( don’t judge me, he is safe and I still feel guilty when i think about it)

Once you have everything ready tell everyone else who is with you not to disturb unless it’s an emergency. Prepare yourself fr a battle and have patience. Slowly slowly give a little of what you made and observe the baby. Do not fill the spoon or put a lot in the mouth.

Is the baby refusing to eat? Don’t fuss. That’s perfectly all right.They will soon learn that the world is full of marvelous food other that breast milk. Clean the baby and leave the dirty dishes/clothes to attend later.Praise the baby for being brave and good. Trust me they love it and they can understand you very well.

Yey! You did it. You completed the first step of introducing solids. I’ll write about what i gave for my son soon in another post. i hope this helped you to gain some tips and confidence.

A very important fact; taste your baby food before you give it to your son/daughter. I leaned this from my mother-in-law . She still taste what ever she makes fo my husband before giving him.


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