Super kids – A place to visit with your kid (3)

When passing havelock town about a month ago I noticed a banner about a new kids play house named Super Kids.Even though i was super excited to check it out sooner,only got the chance recently. As you enter, it may not be so attractive from outside but once you go upstairs where they have the play area you are going to get surprised .(I was) It is a well maintained premises with loads of toys. There are two play areas and one is for kids from 0-4 years and the other side is for kids from 4-12 (more like for toddlers ). The play area for 0-4 years is well protected with a white color fence and the floor is protected with rubber mats. It is very safe to let your baby scroll around and I must say there are two caretakers who keep their eyes open for any harm that might happen to your baby. Mothers are also allowed to enter the play area and make sure you take socks for you and the baby. If you have any doubts about the safety of the toys,i didn’t see any inappropriate toys for the babies there.All the toys were age approved toys and some toys are even rare to find in Srilanka.
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My biggest regret is not being able to take my camera (Ok, it’s my husbands :D) with me to take some proper pictures.The play area for the toddlers is vast. the jungle gym is massive and there is a caretaker to look after the kids there as well. The gym floor is also covered with rubber mats and mattresses where it’s necessary. There is a basket ball ring for the grown up kids and also a trampoline which my son loved so much. I noticed a room with 3 screens and I think it is a game room for older kids. I saw some Xbox games on the screens and yes, you can let your child to play there for a reasonable amount. There is a little cafe inside the premises and a pretty good space for mums to hang around while the children go wild with the toys. There are some bean bags here and there and you can get comfortable and keep and eye on your child. There are some rules to follow like no food inside the play area and have to wear socks and no rough play is allowed. Make sure you keep these rules in your mind and help them to give everyone a better treat. 11179946_902633733113723_1847381299717290467_n   Gayani, the lady who is handling all this is a very energetic young woman who comes and talk to you personally and make sure you are comfortable in the play area. The super kids has an Art class for the age group from 4-12 years and they are planning to start a class for the age group of 2-4 as well. These are the prices for your stay at Super kids. 11140298_913113048732458_4806642439453267810_n   I loved the place and already planning to visit again. Mothers who are bringing their kids should keep all the rules in mind so that everybody will get enough and more fun there. It doesn’t matter if your child looks smaller than his/her age or bigger than his/her age, they all need the freedom to play. Make sure you keep an eye on your child as well as others.
Best of luck to Gayani and the team!
Contact Details: 216 Havelock road,Colombo.+94 773 567974 / 0777 748865.


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