PG Martin Play Kingdom – A place to visit with your kid (2)

Behind Isipathan College in Thimbirigasyaya, the PG Martin play Kingdom is a well known place among most of the mums. In case you have second thoughts about the place, here is my point of view and the experience.

The place is incredible. Loads of toys to play and the care-person doesn’t even come and bother you at all. There are two areas to play, Inside and outside and if you choose to stay inside you have to pay Rs..450 and you get unlimited time to play with your kid. If you are using both areas you have to pay Rs. 650 and the time is unlimited of course. The toys are so colorful and well managed and if you are using the outside area there is a person to assist you on using the toys.

DSCN0869 DSCN0868 DSCN0867 DSCN0866

They have toys for girls as well as boys and I found some books hidden behind the toys even. There is a big play area with loads of balls and a big slide inside the house and kids love it.


They have gift area as well and a wide range of gift are there. You can even book the place for your kids birthday party and they have birthday packages for you to choose.

The safety is guaranteed and the kids will love the time they spend there. Around 3 pm there aren’t much crowd but after 4 it gets a bit crowded but have enough space for the kids to play.You will not regret your visit to the play kingdom and in my experience it’s so far the best place for the kids to interact with others.

Contact Details:  No 77, Isipathana Mawatha , Colombo 05. 0112591560  0112582845 .


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