German Toy Museum – A place to visit with your kid (1)

Hidden among the tall buildings there is a house with the name board “German Toy Museum”. I passed the place several times but didn’t notice until i read and article on the web about the place. So to satisfy my curiocity we went there recently after they renovated the place with more colorful toys from PG martin. 🙂

I went there with my 2 year old son and some other kids and mums. They were too small to go check inside the museum but i was dying to go inside. We were greeted by a very nice old lady and accompanied me and my son until everyone else arrived. Gayangie who is currently maintaining the museum joined us later and she is a amazing lady with patience and a vast knowledge on the toys and the history behind them. It is her and her daughters personal toy collection and i must say i was feeling a little bit of jelouse abouth their childhood. 🙂

There are three rooms full of several types of toys and i loved each one of them.There are toy kitchens where you can actually cook and a toy shops full of goodies.

DSCN0838   DSCN0836                                                 DSCN0837

Apart from the museum, there is a play area with a bouncing castle and three merry-go-rounds. I must warn all the mommies out there you will get dizzy after a ride on one of these for sure. I had it the whole night and the following day also. 🙂 kids will love the place and the safety is also very good. There is a caretaker on alert always and Gayangie herself will also be there to make sure you kid is safe.

DSCN0832    DSCN0828

The prices are very reasonable.They will charge 400Rp all inclusive and unlimited rounds on the merry-go-rounds and the bouncing castle. For 150Rp you can visit the museum and use the bouncing castle.

They donot allow to take photographs inside the museum. I got pretty lucky and she offered  me 5 chances to take photos to include in my blog. You can take loads of photographs in the play area though.

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the toy museum because i did and i am planning to visit it again with mu busy husband so that i can keep him with my son and i can go to a dreamland among the beautifully maintained toys. 🙂

Contact Details: German Toy Museum – von Heimendahl Collection – No 421 Havelock Road, [1st Floor], Colombo 06. 0771106224  0112588276 .


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