Parenting the correct way

I have been waiting to write this after seen the Havelock town apartment incident. Was it the parents fault or the apartment authority fault? It doesn’t matter now, does it? The baby is gone from there lives and i can’t imagine how her parents are coping with the fact that she is not there any more.

When you are a mum or dad, even the slightest thing that happens to your baby will effect you even though u claim to be the toughest guy on earth. Once i accidentally put my baby on the bed and went away for a second and he fall down. I was feeling so guilty and a shamed, was spending quite a lot of time trying to embrace the fact that little incidents will happen here and there.

You cannot trust another child to protect the younger one. They are still babies and a part of me scolded that little girls mom fir letting her go with the elder sister. It was unexpected, yes, but still it gas done a major damage and it’s too late to turn the clock around.

This is not me being a perfect mom but i have seen how careless some parents are when they go out with there children. Thay pull them from their little hand and sometimes i have seen them dragging the child. They put the child on the wrong side of the lane and walk. I sometimes feels like going and telling them how to do it correctly but knowing that it will lead to a big incident i keep my mouth shut.

You kept you child in your womb for 9 months and protected him/her from every danger. When the baby is born the duty doesn’t finishes. You have to be there for them. Its easy giving birth to so many children but looking after them is the big challenge. Once you lost only you will realize how much space you had for your baby in your heart.

I do hope that little girls parents will servive without her and may the gods look upon her.


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