Toddler blues

Raising a new born is much easier comparing to the situation i am having right now. understanding each and every word they mutter and every single signals is the hardest part.

Watching a new born baby grows little by little is amazing. Every milestone is important and worth a million dollars. When he repeat every word you say and imitate what you do, it’s like all of a sudden you have a cute friend to hang around.You can always count on him to listen to what ever you talk but you should have plenty of toys and books around you to keep him calm.

The greatest joy of life is “Kids”. Even though it is hard to raise them, end of the day you can be proud of yourself. When you go through all the memories you have with him, it just feels so warm inside your heart and you cannot resist the feeling of kissing him even when he is sleeping. ( And it makes him wake up and have to put him back to sleep again).

The moment he wakes up, all he wants to do is walk. Sometimes i wonder how much energy should he have to walk and walk and walk all the time. I am pretty sure he is just experiencing the wonder of walking. 

Keeping your mind free is difficult sometimes and you probably need anger management. What ever the obstacle you may come across, it’s so good to be a MOM and watching him learn little by little gives me strength to make him a better person. 


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