Being a stay at home mom…

Some people have been questioning what i do at home all day. really people???

 I know what i do. I know I do unpaid work, often thankless work which start the moment i wake up (actually the moment my son wakes up), and doesn’t even end when i go to sleep.I work weekends and nights, with no obvious end to a day or working week. But i know the rewards i get will be amazing.

I seldom have a hot cup of tea,My attention is always divided, often diverted from a moment to moment basis and i cannot ever count on completing a task in the one go.

The challenges i deal with daily, usually with no backup. the baby tantrums, the toilet training accidents, the food battles, the food on the floor .Believe me the work seems never-ending, like an endless cycle.

I fantasies about having an hour to myself to eat my lunch in peace or about having an afternoon nap. Sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it and realize that it will feel marvelous to think about these things when he grows up.Sometimes i feel envious of my friends who are having tea breaks and fun times at work.

I am misunderstood by so many people who do not appreciate the difficulties of caring for small child all day along. They imagine i spend my day sipping tea while my child play quietly.(that’s the  dream i have :D)

I feel amused and annoyed when others announced “TGIF” because to me every day is the same. (except for the weekends where my hubby is at home). There is no Friday, no breaks from my job people…

I don’t know how i do it. sometimes i am amused by my endless patience ( sometimes i lost it), my ability to face each day cheerfully and bring joy to my child’s’   life. I do admire my dedication to be a constant presence in my child’s’ life. 

I work without expecting any reward, no promo, no salary. What i want is, my child to feel important and well loved.

So people, next time when you are asking about my job…. Be ready, the answer will  not be soo friendly.  😀



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