Sharing pictures on Social Media? Think before you leap.

Social media has become a part of our day to day routine. Everyday millions of people share news updates, pictures and many more things over their private accounts. With the increase of the usage of social media it has come to my attention that there is a whole lot of danger involved as well.

It was difficult to get this topic out of mind for a few days. Mostly because of the things that are being happening on Facebook and other platforms. There are certain Meme groups that goes on harrasing everyone that they can get their hands on and as well as some respective groups hosting competitions without proper guidlines.

Being an active person in all sort of social media platforms, I have seen the violation of privacy and the damage it can cause to a person. I am a mother of a 4 year old boy and I like sharing his pictures on Instagram/ Facebook or maybe among other family members using Viber/ WhatsApp. If I am not careful with the pictures that I choose to publish on these platforms there can be a lot of harmful things happen even without our knowledge. Down the line if we publish anything humiliating for the child which now we think is cute or adorable, it may effect him/her in their future. Competitions for babies are good. You can win prizes and you’ll get many more chances as well. But is it realy worth sharing a naked picture of your baby to win a price?

For example, In a Facebook group that I follow a mother posted a picture of her daughter in the bath tub with a few toys. It was a supporting page for mothers but I personally advised her not to put anything like that because who knows who can access those things. In another group, just to win a price for the “cutest baby” a mother posted a naked picture of her son. Would you show your naked body to win a price?

I am not against posting pictures, infact I do the same. But taking extra methods to protect what’s your is no harm. After all, if something happens will the admins of these groups or the organizers will come for your help?

So, think before you leap!!!


Thinking of Joining a gym?

Well, when I came to Sydney 6 months ago, among many thoughts were to find a good gym. There were a lot but the closest and the most convinient place was Plus Fitnes – Blacktown. They have a 24/7 gym with no lock-in contract and most importantly they have branches almost anywhere. So wherever you are you can use the gym in the area.

When I entered the gym, it was buzzing with activity. I needed to talk with a trainer as I was looking for a specific set of exercises. That’s when I met Alex Lee. Alex is 3 – 4 certified in Performance Boxing, Battling Ropes, Powerbag. He is also MMA trained and Level 3 Kettlebell trained. He has been with Plus Fitness for 2.5 year now. We had a good conversation about my fitness level and he was able to give me a good guidence to start on my daily routine.

While I was there, I noticed that they have “Female only fitness camp” on every Saturday. I thought I should try that and It was amazing. Alex was very nice but keep on pushing us to do the best. I know there are fitness camps where the trainer is soo focused on getting results they dont even think of the trainee. But Alex is very friendly and when he thinks that we need to rest he gives plenty of time.

When I asked Alex, why thought of having a fitness camp for females this is what he said. “ Blacktown plus is very male dominated and my boss wanted a way to keep our female members active. We decided to do a free class for our female members. New members ask about classes and we wanted to give them that option as well.So far the response has been great and the class environment has been very relaxed and supportive​.”

” If I have to give anyone any tips, Have a goal and a plan to achieve that. If you fail don’t be afraid try again and keep going and you will eventually succed” was his exact words when I ask what can he say to the members.

This has been a great opportunity for me to meet new friends and also to learn how they keep on going while doing all the other things in their lives. Being there with like minded individuals and trying out new challenges with Alex every Saturday Morning is something I look forward to now.

Come join us ladies!!!

After you – Jojo Moyes

Goodread rating: 3.4

Well, even though I was neck deep with my work and assignments I wanted to finish this. Mostly because I was curious about the comments I got about the book and also because I wanted to know what happened to Lou.

“You’re going to feel uncomfortable

in your new world for a bit.

But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too.

Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.

Just live well. Just live. Love, Will.”

What would you do if something like this happened to you? To be frank I cannot even think I will survive to think of anythink. But Lousia did. She had to go through her day to day life while dealing with a very brief love story of her life.


I found this rather enjoyble. I liked lousia in the film. ( I didn’t read the novel) I liked her courage and her never giving up attitude. I liked her simple ways. They way she think of her father and mother was something I enjoyed through out the film and the book.

It all come to how she overcomed right? Well, she did sacrifice this time as well. I donot want to give spoilers so i’ll stop from here.

Simply, we all need a Lousia Clark in our lives. Eventhough we donot want to admit it just yet, we think that someone will sacrifice something to be with us. There are Lousia Clarks, Lillys and Sams in this world. Yet their stories are untold and unheard. For me this book reminded me of those women, children and men who sacrifice each and every minite of their life to make someone else happy. Therefore, I say this is a succesful book regardless to what anyone has to say.

Happy reading!!!

Let’s say “Please” in a practical way!

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Well, let me get back on track. Since been here in Sydney I have noticed that lot of people have good values. They are not afraid to demand their rights and also not hesitating to say ” sorry” or ” please” where it is necessary. But, this is different with kids. They are bit reluctant to say sorry or please at anytime. One will say this is just kids been kids but we have to teach them to be humble where it is necessary. So here are some practical ways to teach your kids good values.

We are saturated in popular culture.It attacks us where ever we go. It can be through social media, print media or any other form of media. The problem is that we get the good with the bad. And that’s where we, parents come in. What do we want our children to learn? How do we teach them good values when there is so much available to teach them the opposite?

Let’s take this step by step.


Children learn a lot from us. They need to see us model empathy to understand how it works. I know doing these things are hard as we have to deal with all day activities. Maybe once week you can try to bring out these topics and talk to them. Talk to them about what it is like to be in another person’s shoes. Talk to them about how someone is going through a hard time might be feeling. Then be intentinal about showing empathy. This could include befriending a lonely person or inviting someone who is alone for a social gathering.


This is very much lacking in the mordern era. Look for ways to bring respect into daily life. Talk to them about why you should respect people, authorities,property and the environment.

Respecting encironment is as important as respecting people. you can get involved in community projects such as cleaning rubbish from a public area and talk about how littering is not showing respect. ( This however will be difficult to do in Sri Lanka. Maybe you can look for a group of mums who likes to join and make it a small picnic and teach them the good values)

Value- Based Decisions

This you can do almost everyday. For example, you promised your friend a play date on a certain day but another friend calls and ask you to do something more exciting. What whould you do? You can get your children involved in the decition making.

You can make some cards with hypothetical scenarioes that called for value-based decitions and discuss those at mealtimes.


Wise Money Managemet

Talk to your childrn about the value of money. Even though you are swimming in a pool full with money, you should prepare your kids to manage their money wisely. If you have teenagers at home this is very important.

Pay your children a small amount for doing jobs at home and outside and teach them to budget it. Teach them to save some and to give a little waya to help peolpe in need. This infact I have seen Ausi mums doing a lot.

This is very important as it will build the foundation to good management of money when they grow up.

Service to Others

This ear is more forcused on ” Look out for yourself” rather than helping others. Dicsuss why you do it and why living a life giving is more satisfying than living a self-oriented one. Then make it paractical by volunteering at a kitchen or going and helping an elderly couple to clean their garden.

Kids enjoy the feeling of doing something for someone else, even if they might be initially reluctant.

Our children are smart. They can quickly pick someone genuine from a hypocrite and they alo know the difference between right and wrong. By practicing what we peach we can rest assured that we have done everything we can to teach them good values. And it’s rewarding to see them carrying on the legacy and choosing good values for themselves.

Bride Quartet Series – Nora Roberts

goodread rating : 4.1

It has come to my attention that I read a lot od Nora Roberts. That’s mostly because it’s very easy to decide on her books and also it’s very easy to grab and go when I am in a hurry ( In my defence which is always). I came upon this sets of books when I was not in a hurry but until I read the first book I didn’t know it was a series which proves that I am not so good at using goodreads. :/

As little girls MacKensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker spent hours acting out their perfect make believe “I do” moments. Years later their fantasies become reality when they start their own wedding planning company to make every woman’s dream day come true. With perfect flowers, delicious desserts, and joyful moments captured on film, each book will enhance how each of these girls find love with their busy shedules to make other girls dreams come true.


Bride Quartet – Nora Roberts

Well, of course I missed the first book Vision in White where the story started bulding step by step but you will not get dissapointed even if u start with the last book. NR has written four amazing books in a series where you can easyly read only one book even. So go grab yourself which ever book  is available and start reading.


Bed Of Roses (#Book No.2)

While reading this book it made me think back of my childhood dreams and of course friends. Some are still there I guess but have changed a lot since we last met. So this is not just a romance novel for me, it has opened my mind about the things I miss and I wish i coud have.

Coming back to the story, the second book is based on Emma the florist . She does amazing work with flowers and has a dream of her own to find the man of her life. That’s where Jack Cooke comes. He has been a childhood friend of all four girls but things change when he starts seeing Emma in a different way. v

Savor the Moment (#Book No.3)

Laurel has always relied on her friends for support, especially when her dream of attending culinary school was almost ruined by her parents’ financial problems. But with her friends support she is making mind blowing creations with her own hands for their clients weddings.

She belives in romance but she appriciate a strong, intelligent man  who is just like her friend’s brother Del.The have been friends for almost forevr and Del thinks of them all as his own sisters. But having a huge crush on him for ages Laurel is set to remind him that she is not his sister.

Happy Ever After (#Book No.4)

Being the back bone of the business and managing everything Paker is always busy. But she is determined to find someone for herself who will uderstand her and her business as well.

Being with the lot because of Del, Malcom has seen how the four girls work and is impressed by Parker. He is set in makig her his and charm her to enjoy her life while doing all the things to keep her business smooth.


To The Moon And Back – Jill Mansell

goodread rating : 4.0

I haven’t read a Jill Mansell book in like ages. Mostly because I couldn’t find where they were. The libraries here in Australia are very neat and well organized. Took sometime for me to adjust to the lableling of books and finding this.

So, here is what I think about this book. firstly I think jill has covered most of the areas of a womans life. Love, marraige, children, loosing a husband, cheating on another woman with her husband, having strong minds, finding your hidden talents and so on. Did i give away anything?

Frackly I can’t even imagine what Ellie went through after loosing her husband. It’s not the same without a beloved one near you. Some how she overcome that but she has a secret too. There, I got you excited right? Then comes the interesting part. Zack!!! Her new boss who was having butterflies in his belly everytime he sees Ellie. He has to control himself around her and it’s giving him nightmares.

Then there is Ellie’s friend Roo. Her stroy is also very much interesting and this all comes out very nicey to build a stroy that will keep you hooked on the book for few hours. I will stop giving away the tle now. Go see if you can find it and give it a go.

Happy reading folks. 🙂

13 Reasons Why – A Netflix Original

Why I love this series? This kept me hooked until the end and I am still wondering what exactly happened. At first I had to force my husband to watch it with me because at a glance it looks like a teen series. But into the first 5 minute of the first episode we both were so hooked and couldn’t wait to watch the end.


I am not gonna tell the whole story but, I am gonna tell you what I felt through out the series. Watching what happened to  Hannah and watching it crushing her down little by little made me realize that I will be letting my son into a world like that. It made me wonder what I could do to make him realize that every life is precious and every act counts. And also it got me worried thinking what if the same thing happen to a boy.

In this case, producing a healthy, friendly and a smart young man into a society has to start from home. This goes towards girls as well. A girl should be smart, lovely and confident in what she is doing. Rocks and stones are to come towards you in many forms. It could be an insult or a bad post on Facebook but you have to be strong enough to let that go and carry on with your life.

If you haven’t watch it yet go watch. It’s really interesting and if you are a parent i promise you it will make you think.